Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas thoughts,

Last weekend I met a man, worked with a man hard up on his luck; how do they say that anyway, is hard up right? Picked him up for work and he was still drunk, in his fifties and seemingly charismatic, overtly outgoing at the least. I worked the day with him from our giddy meeting to his mellow coming down, while I was ferocious with energy and his crash whilst I was drunk with appreciation for the end of the day. Anyway, I choose to temper any evaluation with my mood and he wasn't matching it in anyway and I wasn't feeling bad for him for his hangover - mostly 'cause if I got shit to do I don't choose to put myself in that position......stupid growing up. Regardless, I came to think he was an alright bloke, a raving drunk as I had been forewarned, but still alright. So it came down the pipe this week byway of the chap who'd recommended his services that he'd written a letter to his steady employer, not me or my associates, pasted with magazine photos (you know men in the white coats takin' you away style) and would no longer be allowed on the premises. It struck me that he's a throwaway. Someone who's family reportedly has also received letters of the like and is not loath to him, but wary. He's a guy who if he was in a shelter we'd be happy to make dinner for, but not take home. He's somebody I'd like to help out, but in no way would I stake my professional reputation on. Rough business and it makes me sad in this holiday season that I'm as calloused as the rest of my problematic culture in regards to such individuals........there's some who emulate the late JC's actions better than I do........actions I'll definitely ponder and meditate upon.

Happy Holidays,

post script: Jesse if you've found this I'd be pleased to know and I won't change content as a result, plus props(do the kids say that anymore) on the intelligent use of a pseudonym

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Currently digging on Deerhunter's Cryptograms and the aught six release from good 'ol Grandaddy - "Just like the fambly cat". Fambly - nice.

Right now I'm dealing with and resolving some past problems, so keep me in your prayers folks - not a big deal really an extension of my February resolutions coming to fruition - which is nice.

I'm working my ideal hours right now, if not just on the ideal days - three thirteens in a row and four straight days off - anyone with anykindofgoodsuggestions about what to fill those days with will be greatly (not to be confused with todash) is organization day. I'm roasting roma tomatoes that have been in my fridge for the better part of two weeks and cleaning brussel sprouts of the same era. I've got a closet too that needs some attention, bought the plastic lidded containers to do the job when I moved in, but never took initiative.

confidential to s_z_h I'll get you the sub forms - your shindig is in the top ten on my priority list.

Peace my friends,

Sunday, September 30, 2007


All of Chicago goes to bed too early, or is all growed up or.............


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wisconsin AC

Tonight was the first night of the summer for WIAC (driving with the windows down and the heat on full blast-my fav). Anyway, also a first - I called in my first radio station request and got it played - snowden's black eyes on the 89.3 the current compliments of Mrs. Riley.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hometown Heros

Here's an article about a couple of folks from my hometown - classic and safe for work.

Bought some new cds - here's the digs:

two weeks ago

Art Brut, It's Complicated - a chap talking over music - not recommended, but it's growing on me

Snowden, Anti-Anti - I'm totally into what they're calling psychedelic rock these days and this disk is epiphantic.

Wolfmother, wolfmother - maybe I'm trying to make up for lost time back in the 80's early 90's, but the stoner rock they put out kinda reminds me of the BOC, and I'm a big fan.

Last Week

Talib Kweli, Eardrum - The disk is almost completely unlistenable and they put the single at the end of the disk - I just can't deal with pop hip hop

MIA, Kala - another installment of MIA's loose definition of music; it's trippy fun if you liked the first one Kala will impress, if not don't bother - I'm of the former persuasion

Aesop Rock, None Shall pass - Since a year after the K-rel introduced me to Aesop Rock I've been a huge fan - nobody, besides maybe Solman Rushdie has a bigger active vocabulary - I'm not yet entertained by the disk, but it'll take months to digest, cure, marinate - so I can't say yet what I think about it.

Yeah, so the K-rel got into town last week and it's been good to have another friendly face in the area. I'm job hunting right now and hopefully I'll find what I'm looking for - we'll see.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Have you guys heard Snowden's anti-anti? I think its my recent fav followed closely by wolfmother's self-titled disk( a nice throwback that one).

Just coffeein' and such, drop me a line when you get the time.


Friday, August 10, 2007


Check this out. I think it's coo.